With hurricane season approaching, it was time for us to develop an emergency plan for emergencies for your pet while in our care, emergencies for your home while in our care, inclement weather, natural and man-made disasters, and client or pet sitter personal emergencies. What happens if there is an […]

Our Emergency Plan

We have become aware that our mid-day walks may be a bit too hot for your dogs during the summer months here in the Houston area. For the safety of your pets, we have created a “Heat Limit Alternative”. To protect your dog from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, burned pads, […]

The summer heat is coming!

Keep all supplies in one general and visible area. This includes treats, utensils, food and water bowls, medications, leash, can opener, toys, paper towels, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, litter and scoop, broom and dustpan, watering can for plants. Be sure to let us know about any unusual habits your pets […]

Preparing For Your Pet Sitter 

Pet Sitting vs. Boarding, Doggie Day Care, or Traveling: Pets are happier and experience less stress at home Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted Travel trauma for both pet owner and pets are eliminated Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized Pet Sitting vs. Friend, Family, Neighbor: Pet owners won’t have […]

All About Pet Sitting

Bringing a new pet home is so exciting. Naming this new pet though can be a little daunting. Below are a few tips to help make this process easier for you. Consider your pet’s personality. This means getting to know your new pet a little bit before settling on a […]

How to Name Your New Pet

If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you’re on vacation — which is arguably the worst time a household calamity can strike. A house or apartment left empty while its owners are traveling is a tempting target for criminals. It’s imperative that every traveler take certain key […]

Preparing Your Home for While You’re Away

As hurricane season quickly approaches, it is imperative that we take the time now in the months leading up to it, to prepare ourselves and our pets for a natural disaster. If faced with a sudden disaster, would you be prepared to help your entire family, including pets, avoid dangerous […]

The Pet Parent’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness

Furry Friend Pet Care Joins Professional Pet Sitters in 21st Annual Worldwide Celebration Local Pet-Sitting Business takes part in Professional Pet Sitters Week™, March 1-7, 2015. Furry Friend Pet Care encourages pet owners and pet lovers alike to celebrate the 21st annual Professional Pet Sitters Week, March 1-7, 2015. Professional […]

Professional Pet Sitters Week is March 1-7, 2015

February is National Pet Dental Health Month so it is in your pet’s best interest and health to understand how important dental health is for your pet. Your pet’s bad breath might be a warning sign of a serious health risk with the potential to damage more than your pet’s […]

National Pet Dental Health Month

Realizing your pet is missing is a very stressful and heartbreaking time. Taking the following steps can help ease your mind and bring your beloved pet home. Check with others that live in your home to find out when they last saw your pet. Check every nook and cranny inside […]

What to Do When Your Pet Goes Missing