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The summer heat is coming!

We have become aware that our mid-day walks may be a bit too hot for your dogs during the summer months here in the Houston area. For the safety of your pets, we have created a “Heat Limit Alternative”.

To protect your dog from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, burned pads, sunburn, and other injuries and ailments brought on by too much exposure to the heat and sun we will implement our heat limit alternatives. When temperatures reach 90° or more, we will hold our hand on the cement/asphalt for 5 seconds; if it is too hot for us we will implement the heat limit alternatives. These alternatives are a shorter walk in a shaded area, backyard play time, back yard potty break then indoor playtime, play in the backyard in pools or with water hoses (with client permission) followed by towel time. We will work with you to provide safe and suitable activities alternative to walks. We can discuss schedules during the summer months to walk your dog earlier in the day before it gets too hot if you would like. At no point will Furry Friend Pet Care override this policy for a client insisting on a walk when it is too hot to walk a dog. We will never knowingly endanger a dog.


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