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How to Name Your New Pet

Bringing a new pet home is so exciting. Naming this new pet though can be a little daunting. Below are a few tips to help make this process easier for you.

  • Consider your pet’s personality. This means getting to know your new pet a little bit before settling on a name. Does your new pet remind you of someone, is there an activity it loves to do, is there a character trait that stands out?
  • Consider unique names. You can find unique names anywhere. Look for everyday objects and think about your pet’s personality to see if it is a match.
  • Consider names that you like the sound of. Names from TV, movies, books that you like are great choices.
  • Get suggestions from friends and family. They can often suggest names that you would have never thought about.
  • Consider human names. Names like Sam, Molly, Max, or Jake are just as good names for pets as typical pet names like Fido.
  • If you have a purebred dog, try something aristocratic. Princess Aurora III or King Charles James. Make sure you have a name to call them for short as well.
  • Make the name gender-appropriate unless you do not mind being questioned about it.
  • Keep it simple. You will use this name quite often so test it to see if it is easy to say quickly. Names with two syllables are best.
  • Try out the name. Does the name sound okay when you holler it down the street? Would you be embarrassed to mention the name in a conversation with others?
  • Use the name around your pet and when they respond offer praise, attention, and treats. Do not overuse their name as they might mistake it for a common word.



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